Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my children's faith!

my children! they have an amazing faith in God and heaven! they know that God loves them and is there for them to talk to whenever they want! i love that i can ask them to pray for someone or something and they are more than happy to do so! the other day i was quietly cuddling with jillian, my girl loves to cuddle, and she asked if lala (my mom) would go to heaven one day! i answered yes and gave her a big hug! she has asked about everyone in the family! it makes me smile and tear up because she knows how wonderful it will be and wants the people she loves to be there too! i am so proud of them and happy that they have that faith and understanding even at such a young age! it gives me peace that they know that He will be there no matter what! i just sat there and soaked up that peaceful moment! i could of sat there forever!

have faith!

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  1. You are truly blessed! I love the pure faith of children. Blessings!

  2. what a blessing. :)

  3. isn't it wonderful to hear your children talk about God!

  4. what a sweet, loving little girl you have :)


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