Monday, August 31, 2009

monday makeover!

remember this sad thrift find? well, i finally gave her the attention she needed and i say she turned out perfect! i got the idea from layla and just tweaked it alittle! i have been wanting some christian decor for my home and love that i was able to create it! i picked her up at the thrift store for $4.00! i love the chunky wood frame but the picture, not so much! then i decided what i wanted it to say and purchased the letters at michaels for $1.00 each! i already had the cream spray paint and the fabric! the spray paint was around a $1.00 and the fabric was around $2.00 a yard! i took apart the picture, removed the glass, and spray painted the frame and the letters! then i used the backing that came with the picture and used spray adhesive to attach the fabric! then i hot glued the fabric around the back! finally, i just hot glued the letters onto the fabric board and ta-da! a simple but strong statement for my home! "trust in the Lord!" if you do, you will be amazed!

be amazed!


ps. i am joining the party at southern hospitality!

pss. i might be cheating alittle by using a past post but i had to join in the party! go check out the friday frugal party at the shabby nest!


  1. Wow! This is such a great idea.

    I may have to use some of my extra letters and an old frame that I've had laying around for awhile.

    Thanks for returning the inspiration!

  2. I like it! Where did you put it in your house?

  3. I love it!!! What a wonderful frame for your home. Great inspiration.
    happy day,

  4. No cheating there! This is a great frugal post!

    Thanks for linking!

  5. awesome job!

    stop by my Goodwill party every Wednesday and link up your thrifty finds!!


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