Friday, August 28, 2009

i made it!

well, i made it! i made it through the first day and first week of school! we are so blessed to be able to have our cuties going to such a wonderful, sweet, christian school! i went to the same school for preschool! the first day of school for noah was easy! i will miss him but he was ready to get back! his excitment was awesome!

but my youngest starting school! very hard! i remember feeling this same feeling a few years ago when noah started! realizing that this is it! they are in school for the rest of their childhood! and there is no stopping it! i was pregnant with jillian when noah started in the three year old preschool and now he is starting second grade! so, jillian has grown up in this school! the teachers always called her the mascot! i have been homeroom mom every year since we started! so, we were there for everything! a few of the teachers there also go to our church! so with all of this she did a wonderful job finally becoming a student! she was so excited and made it easier for her mama to get through our first day! she kissed me and said

"dont worry! i will be back soon mommy!"

Watch over Thy child, O Lord
as her days increase. Bless and guide wherever she may be, keeping her unspotted from the world. Strengthen her when she stands, comfort her when discouraged or sorrowful, raise her up if she falls. And in her heart may Thy peace which passeth all understanding abide all the days of her life through
Jesus Christ our Lord.



  1. So sweet Julie, I love the prayer. See you tomorrow!

  2. What a big girl!! She is adorable!! don't you wish you could stop the clock somedays??

  3. My youngest starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks. It really is a strange feeling not to have little ones any more!


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