Tuesday, August 25, 2009

goodbye summer!

well, its official! summer vacation is over! i have mixed feeling about it! my little boy started second grade today and my baby girl is starting preschool for the first time tomorrow! my baby is going to school, even though its only three mornings a week, it is really sad for me! that means she will now be going to school for the rest of her childhood! that means she really isnt a baby anymore! that means for three mornings a week i will be childless! that is a very rare thing for me! i am not usually without them at all! i know it will be ok! i know it will probably be good for all of us! she is very excited and keeps reminding me that she will be back soon! shouldnt i be assuring her of that?!

peace to all the mommies!



  1. goodbye summer, indeed. i miss it already! hope the first days are/were a success!

  2. I know how you feel! My baby is starting kindergarten this year which means I don't even have preschoolers anymore. But the older they get the more I like them! (that is until jr. high, i hear...)

  3. Sniff, sniff :( I'll be counting on you to get me through the first week of school next year! Hugs to you Friend!

  4. Girl! Go back and get that ribbon! Hurry~

  5. Peace to you too. I have one with me for one more year and already feel what you are. There is something to years before school when it does seem very carefree!

  6. I think it is hard when you realize your babies are not really babies anymore. Time goes super fast when they enter school, but it makes the time you do have with them even more special!!

    Peace to you!


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