Monday, August 31, 2009

monday makeover!

remember this sad thrift find? well, i finally gave her the attention she needed and i say she turned out perfect! i got the idea from layla and just tweaked it alittle! i have been wanting some christian decor for my home and love that i was able to create it! i picked her up at the thrift store for $4.00! i love the chunky wood frame but the picture, not so much! then i decided what i wanted it to say and purchased the letters at michaels for $1.00 each! i already had the cream spray paint and the fabric! the spray paint was around a $1.00 and the fabric was around $2.00 a yard! i took apart the picture, removed the glass, and spray painted the frame and the letters! then i used the backing that came with the picture and used spray adhesive to attach the fabric! then i hot glued the fabric around the back! finally, i just hot glued the letters onto the fabric board and ta-da! a simple but strong statement for my home! "trust in the Lord!" if you do, you will be amazed!

be amazed!


ps. i am joining the party at southern hospitality!

pss. i might be cheating alittle by using a past post but i had to join in the party! go check out the friday frugal party at the shabby nest!

Friday, August 28, 2009

i made it!

well, i made it! i made it through the first day and first week of school! we are so blessed to be able to have our cuties going to such a wonderful, sweet, christian school! i went to the same school for preschool! the first day of school for noah was easy! i will miss him but he was ready to get back! his excitment was awesome!

but my youngest starting school! very hard! i remember feeling this same feeling a few years ago when noah started! realizing that this is it! they are in school for the rest of their childhood! and there is no stopping it! i was pregnant with jillian when noah started in the three year old preschool and now he is starting second grade! so, jillian has grown up in this school! the teachers always called her the mascot! i have been homeroom mom every year since we started! so, we were there for everything! a few of the teachers there also go to our church! so with all of this she did a wonderful job finally becoming a student! she was so excited and made it easier for her mama to get through our first day! she kissed me and said

"dont worry! i will be back soon mommy!"

Watch over Thy child, O Lord
as her days increase. Bless and guide wherever she may be, keeping her unspotted from the world. Strengthen her when she stands, comfort her when discouraged or sorrowful, raise her up if she falls. And in her heart may Thy peace which passeth all understanding abide all the days of her life through
Jesus Christ our Lord.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

goodbye summer!

well, its official! summer vacation is over! i have mixed feeling about it! my little boy started second grade today and my baby girl is starting preschool for the first time tomorrow! my baby is going to school, even though its only three mornings a week, it is really sad for me! that means she will now be going to school for the rest of her childhood! that means she really isnt a baby anymore! that means for three mornings a week i will be childless! that is a very rare thing for me! i am not usually without them at all! i know it will be ok! i know it will probably be good for all of us! she is very excited and keeps reminding me that she will be back soon! shouldnt i be assuring her of that?!

peace to all the mommies!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

"blessed be the name" trunk show!

today was the trunk show for "blessed be the name" and it went great! i did what i love to do, invite friends over to visit, talk, eat, and shop! they just loved the clothing and shopped, shopped, shopped! i totally forgot to take pictures! i am sending in the orders monday so you still have time to place your order! just let me know!

have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

back from the beach!

our beach house!

we are back from the beach! yes! i was able to relax and enjoy myself! i had many a moments of just sitting still and taking it all in! what did we do?
well, we slept late and then...

went swimming every morning! then...

we went to the beach every afternoon!

what else?!

we had such a great time just being a family with nothing to do but enjoy!

go enjoy your family!


Friday, August 14, 2009

friday favorites!

as you probably guessed, this week's friday favorite is the beach! yes, we are off again to another quick family vacation before school starts! we are so blessed to be close to the beach and better yet a beach house! i will try to relax and enjoy these moments with my family! i will try not to think of all the things i should be doing like shop for school supplies, school clothes, getting everything made for the teacher's breakfast! oh ya, i didnt tell you? well, thats another post! i am looking forward to sleeping late, walking on the beach, sitting on the beach, watching my cuties have a blast digging in the sand, and just enjoying what God has blessed me with!

have a blessed weekend!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

we're back!

well, we are back from our visit to shamu! we had a great time! i love that we are close enough (three hours) to be able to go on a quick trip! this time we were there late enough to see the night time show of shamu! its called "shamu rocks"! and does he ever! it was like a concert! i love it! next time we will stay even later to see the fireworks! the next day mama got to go to her funpark also known as ikea! i got some fun stuff at great prices! a few of my favs was a pink lamp shade for $1, some bedding for jillian, cream colored pots, and two cabinet doors from their "as is" area for $3 each! i cant wait to redo them! of course, i will be sharing!
have a fun day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

weekend recap!

we went to a pirate party!

we celebrated the cousins birthdays on saturday! want a fun party! my sister did an awesome job! she had it at her neighborhood pool! which right there is a kid crowd pleaser! she decorated with pirate decor, pirate music, pirate ship cake, and topped it off with a treasure hunt! our little sister has made every birthday cake for our kids! she also dresses up with the theme! she is wonderful!

what a sport!

happy birthday christian and keaton! we love you!

i gotta go and throw some clothes in the suitcase! we are suprising my cuties with a quick trip to seaworld before school starts! oh ya, and mommy gets to go to ikea! yea!

have a great monday!


Friday, August 7, 2009

friday favorite!

blessed be the name! have you heard of this company? i just recently found them and fell in love! why? well, first of all they have sweet & simple clothing for children, you can also have them personalized, and these talented girls are loving the Lord! and guess what! i am having a bbtn trunk show at my house! yea! i am so excited! you are more than welcome to come! we will have fun! if you are too far not a problem! just send me an email and you can place your order with me! i would love to help you pick the perfect outfit or two or three!


***blessed be the name trunk show!***

saturday, august 22nd from 1:00-4:00


go check them out!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

my design style!

i love to decorate! i also love to host girl nights at my house! i have a summer bible study and a monthly craft night at my house! my sweet friends seem to really enjoy my home and ask "what would you call your style?" well girls, now i know! i found this fun site from a fun blog that has a quick and easy test! then it tells you what your style is! here is the breakdown!

i am 40% nantucket style!

i am 40% cottage chic!

i am 20% rustic revival!

so, you can say i am a mixture of three different beautiful styles! i would say thats about right! i might have to put up some pictures of my home and see what you think! go take the test and find out your style!

have fun!


photo sources-

1-coastal living

2-brocante girl


my children's faith!

my children! they have an amazing faith in God and heaven! they know that God loves them and is there for them to talk to whenever they want! i love that i can ask them to pray for someone or something and they are more than happy to do so! the other day i was quietly cuddling with jillian, my girl loves to cuddle, and she asked if lala (my mom) would go to heaven one day! i answered yes and gave her a big hug! she has asked about everyone in the family! it makes me smile and tear up because she knows how wonderful it will be and wants the people she loves to be there too! i am so proud of them and happy that they have that faith and understanding even at such a young age! it gives me peace that they know that He will be there no matter what! i just sat there and soaked up that peaceful moment! i could of sat there forever!

have faith!

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