Thursday, July 23, 2009

Books & slime!

Yesterday we spent the day with Titi Allison (my sister), her two boys, and Titi Winnie (my other sister)! We went to the library to check out some books and for the boys to make slime! It was the last summer class they were doing at the library! So, glad they were able to go! The boys are so into Stars Wars books! And Jillian loves her princess stories! Titi Winnie took some great pictures of my cuties! Thanks Winnie! I love days like this! We are having so much fun hanging out with Titis and the cousins this summer! I am so glad they live so close!

Here are the directions for making slime courtesy of the library!

Mix 1 cup of white glue and 3/4 cup of water in a large bowl. Add a few drops of food coloring. In a separate container, dissolve 1 tsp. Borax in 1/3 cup of warm water. Mix well. Combine the Borax solution with the glue solution and watch what happens to the mixture. Observe and explore. To dispose of the slime throw in the trash, NOT down the drain. Do not eat slime!

Have fun!



  1. Hi! Yes, I think the best way to respond to a question left in a comment is to leave a comment on their newest post. Does that make sense? :)

  2. Thanks for telling me not to eat it, the recipe was just making me so hungry :)!!!


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